So as luck would have it, no luck was needed, our build day was a huge success. Many thanks to all of our sponsors and volunteers for supporting such a worth while project.

What was once a dream you have helped make it become a reality.


Today is build day and we all are so excited, there is lots to do and many volunteers have registered to give us a helping hand. So wish us luck and here we go.

About Our School

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School Population- 260 Students
Staff- 30
2 School Street, Sydney Mines, B1V 1R3

The Naming Of Our Playground

When we found out that we had to name the playground after someone who had a large impact on our community or a fallen soulder, it did not take us long to come us with the name "Miner's Memorial Playground. Mining had a large impact on this community for many years, and within those years there were men even young boys who lost their lives down under ground in the mines.

Please take a few moments to read the history of mining in our community and you to will see why it was an easy choice.

History of Sydney Mines

Sydney Mines (pop. 8,501) grew up around the rich coal fields of Sydney Harbor and one pit - Princess Colliery - operated continuously for 100 years, from 1875 to 1975. In that time, Princess produced 30 million tons of coal.

The first mining took place in 1766 along the exposed seams of the harbor cliffs. When the General Mining Association took over Cape Breton coal mining in 1827, the area was simply known as "The Mines." Sydney Mines' first house, owned by R. Brown, dates from this era (1829) and still stands at 32 Brown St.

By the turn of the century, Sydney Mines was one of the top coal producing communities in North America. Workers came from Italy, Poland , Germany, Lithuania, Austria, England, Scotland, Nigera and Wales to work in the mines.

A steel plant opened in 1902 and much of the town's infrastructure - sewer, water, electricity, paved streets - was established at that time.

In 1932, Sydney Mines' population peaked at 10,000.

Founded in 1784 and incorporated as a town in 1889, Sydney Mines has a rich history in coal production, although mining activity has now ceased.

Sydney Mines is on the northern side of Sydney Harbor, near the mouth. It was earlier known as the Mines due to the coal mines abundant nearby.



Our school had a penny drive, every class took part. The class that raised the most pennies won a pizza party which was the grade 1's! Our school raised about $2,500 hundred dollars! Tasha Lee from 101.9 THE GIANT and some of her friends donated their pennies. A big thank you to them!


May 7th was our second fundraiser, it was a silent auction. People were bidding on Barbeques, Tim Hortons Gift Packes, Avon Gift Baskets, Ratchford Photographic Sitting fee's, Car Maintenance Certificates and many more. It was a big success!!

Our Fundraising Goal

Our goal is to raise $97,700, to date we have raised $90,000, we have $ 7,700 more to go. Each day we are getting closer and closer to our goal. We have gotten a wounderful response to date. We are on the home streach, we know we can do it. It is for the kids.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Comminity Flyer

The following flyer will be distributed to our community in early September. The money raised from the purchase of the bricks will be used to build a memorial walkway.

Have You Heard
Our Community is getting a new


This year St. Joseph’s Elementary and the community of Sydney Mines became the recipient of a prestigious award from “LET THEM BE KIDS”, the organization has given us a grant that will enable us to purchase and install a new playground. To date we have raised approximately $65,000 through contributions and fundraising efforts but we still need to raise $30,000 in order to fulfill our dream of having an ALL ACCESS, ALL ABILITIES community playground.

The playground will be called the “Miner’s Memorial Playground”,
to honor the miner’s and the rich mining heritage of our mining community.

There will be a memory pathway established within the playground. Donations are now being accepted. With a minimum $50.00 contribution, the name of a loved one will be engraved on a brick and laid as part of the walkway.

When: October 17, 2009
Where: St. Joseph’s Elementary

Our intent as parents and community members is to provide a safe play area that all members of the community can enjoy. We want to instill in our children that need and the desire to help someone and to make a difference in someone’s life for the good of giving and not because they will get something in return.

If you are interested in purchasing a brick or volunteering, please fill in the donation sheet on the reverse of this flyer.

Below is a sample of what the bricks could look like

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